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Kenny is available in the following configurations:

1. Solo
Piano, electric keyboards, effects pedals and award-winning vocals take audiences on vibrant, unpredictable musical journeys in the realms of classical, folk, jazz, soul and gospel.

2. With Soulful Nerd
Sharing the name of his artistic persona, Soulful Nerd – the band, is Kenny’s original pop configuration.  Fusing electronic, funk, jazz and gospel in new and exciting ways, they are certainly a must-see experience.   [VIDEO]

3. Workshops, Masterclasses & Keynote Speeches
Kenny’s years of experience as an educator, entrepreneur and recording artist has given him lots of insight on a wide range of topics including:  Vocal Performance & Health, Improvisation, Social Media & Branding, Discovering One’s Uniqueness, Networking, Songwriting, Profitable Artistry, How to Release Music Independently, Dream Realization, Anti-Bullying [VIDEO]

4. Surprise Serenades & Home Concerts
Gift a loved one with an unexpected live performance or simple enjoy the funky little inclinations of the Soulful Nerd with some friends at your home. (various instrumentation options available) [VIDEO]

5. Recording & Writing Sessions
His extensive career includes years of experience in the studio as a singer, songwriter, vocal arranger and coach.  [CLIPS]

**Please contact bookings[at] for all booking inquiries



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